One of the original reasons for setting up this site was that for lots of things in life you get an instruction book - becoming a university student, buying a coffee machine, and so on - but nothing is handed out when you reach 60, or any other age milestone. This site is designed to tell you what is available at various senior ages. I thought it worthwhile trying to sum up what is available at 60 - deep breath, here goes -

Bus Travel - You can get free bus travel within each country of the UK, but your English pass will not work in Scotland, and so on. If you live in London, your Freedom Pass will give you Tube, Rail and bus travel free (outside of morning rush hours) within London. If you live in England outside London, you still get free bus travel in London. Even the Thames Water services offer a discount. Local authorities in each area can provide the pass (and in most parts of London the Post Office will do this for you).

Rail Travel - a Senior Railcard can be bought for £24 from local stations which gives you 1/3rd off all rail tickets for a year. If you live in London, this combines with the Freedom Pass on some journeys to give very cheap travel.

Coach Travel - No national scheme as such, but many operators offer discounts - for example National Express offer up to 50% discounts on some services. No pass needed for this.

Winter Fuel Allowance - £250 per household for those 60-79, and for those 80 or over £400. This even applies if you live on the Costa Brava. You need to apply for this for the first time, unless you are already getting state benefits, when it should come through automatically. After the first year it will just turn up in your bank account. Check with

Sight Tests - Sight tests are free for the over 60s. Just tell your optician and they should do the rest.

Prescriptions - Free for the over 60s.

Dental Checks - Free in Scotland and Wales if you are being treated under NHS. Not free in England.

Heating & Insulation - This can be a very difficult area to find out exactly what is available, and money seems to run out from time to time. Over 60s on benefits can get help towards various installations, and in Scotland there is a more generous assistance towards central heating, but then it is pretty cold. Some grant assistance is available in Wales to over 60s who are not receiving benefits. Check with the Warm Front Scheme and follow links for schemes outside England.

There are lots of commercial offers for the over 60s - our site holds close to 4,000 offers in total, so if you are thinking of eating out, shopping, or just about any activity that costs you money, check if we have a discount for you.

After all of this, I am thinking of sending my teeth and various other body parts to live in Wales or Scotland.