Oscaruk aims to bring you as many age-related discounts as we can find. However, as well as those specifically intended for the age groups we cover, there are some general discount tricks we can all use. In the current economic climate, there are sales and discounts all over the place, but there are a couple of extra discounts routes you can use to save money.

Voucher codes offer discounts which you can find on-line, and use either for internet or high street shopping. They are usually just a code which you can print off and take to the store, or put into your on-line order. Try Vouchercodes.co.uk, Myvouchercodes.co.uk and Latestdiscountvouchers.co.uk - there is a lot of duplication between these sites, and the names perhaps lack imagination, but the discounts can be real and valuable. Codes tend to apply for limited time periods, but some real bargains appear on these sites.

Another set of websites offers cashback deals. These mostly require you to join the site, and cashback tends to be paid after a variable period, depending upon the particular retailer involved. Many of the deals are 3-10% back, and can be really worthwhile, especially if they combine with vouchers. As with the vouchers, many big name retailers are included on these sites. For example, you can get 5% cashback from M & S on none-food purchases , 5% off your first food delivery from Tesco, or £65 off sign-up to Virgin Media packages made through Cashbackkings.com.

Do be wary of cashback credit cards, unless you are able to set up a direct debit to pay them off fully each month - interest on these cards can easily outweigh the cashback, if you are not careful.