You have probably by now noticed the change in ISA limits for our age group – it has been covered in most of the press, with a lot of advertising as well. It looks a though most of the providers are offering to top up at the same rate as they offered earlier in the year – but do check on this. If they are not offering this, then of course what you can’t do is open another cash ISA somewhere else for the top-up amount. One cash ISA a year is the rule. This isn’t going to make anyone vastly wealthy, but it may be worth doing for a lot of us.

More worthwhile generally is to make sure that you are registered for the winter fuel allowance. We mention this each year, because it is not automatic to start with, unless you are on some kind of government benefit. It starts at 60, and many people are just surprised to know that they qualify at that age – most 60 year-olds just don’t see themselves as frail creatures clustering round any available source of heat. Still, £250 from the state is worth getting, and if you miss it there aren’t any back-dates available.

A useful book has also just been published, by a financial journalist who is very aware of ways to economise and save money. We have had conversations with her in the past, and has figured in her articles and in this book. The title is ‘How to get the Best Deal’, by Sue Hayward, £9.99 published by Prentice Hall. There is a lot of useful stuff in this book, not just on senior discounts but across a whole range of consumer rights and other issues. Well worth getting hold of it. You could be sneaky and see if you can get it cheaper on Amazon!