Having recently replaced my mobile phone, I have now had to do the same with my computer. A solid eight years doesn’t seem too bad, especially when the replacement is half the cost and six times faster. Woody Allen had a story about his father losing his job because he was replaced by a machine which did everything he could but ten times faster, much better, and more reliably, and his mother asked if she could get one too.

It does raise a question about what one does with the old one (the phone or computer ), as one ends up with a graveyard of past machinery. It seems too expensive to throw away, and there is all that raw material which went into making it. Our local dump is packed out with cathode ray tube TV sets, all probably in perfect working order, which have all been replaced by the latest flat screen sets - again, an extraordinary waste of resources.

We have found one company which specifically deals with old phones - you can find the link on Oscaruk to Envirofone. They actually pay money for many types of phone, and re-cycle them. Does anyone know of an organization which does this with old computers or TVs? If so, send us details and we will put them onto the site.